As this is an online conference, there are some tools that need to be discussed in advance. We understand that for many, this is a completely new situation. We’ve been there, too. This is why we decided to post short guidelines for presenters and attendees:

One final thing for today: don’t worry if you don’t use a webcam or a headset. While we’re fully prepared to post and discuss video presentations, you are welcome to submit your presentation in a text-only version! Whatever form works best for you and your work.

We plan to have Q&A fully in writing (on a dedicated Discord chat server). There might be a voice option available if our tests show that the server holds. That remains to be seen.

Published by At the Crossroads: Narratives of the Excluded

A two-day international conference exploring various methods of countering and transforming dominant discourses on a range of social issues and reflecting on alternative ways of seeing and understanding things as well as presenting counter-hegemonic views of the world in various media. Organized by Anna Oleszczuk & Agata Waszkiewicz

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