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Thank you for your time and effort! We hope you will enjoy presenting at our Conference. This guide deals with all the questions we have been asked via email and Twitter as well as these we usually like to know answers to when we’re going to a conference.

As previously announced, all authors of accepted and registered presentations are required to deliver the files via email and/or link by 18 September (Friday). As we need to upload them during the Conference week and there is only two of us, there will be no extensions!

Thank you!

How should I prepare my virtual presentation?
  • If you’ve selected a pre-recorded video option…

… meaning either traditional recording of you discussing your topic or slides with a voice-over. This type of presentation should be about 15 minutes long. Quality of the video depends on the resolution. In general, 4K or 1080p are recommended to ensure the readability of small text or other details.

This is a good guide that shows you how to record your presentation using only Microsoft PowerPoint. Remember to export is as video when you’re done recording and happy with the result! Make sure that you are using one of the following formats: .MP4 (strongly preferred), .MOV, .MPEG4, or .AVI.

As some people use mouth movement to help them understand spoken language, consider recording the presentation with the speaker’s face in one of the corners. One of many free tools that has this option is Zoom. This is a very good guide that shows you how to record your presentation using Zoom.

  • If you’ve selected a text-based option…

Prepare it as plain text or text with pictures (slides) using our guidelines.

How should I deliver my presentation?
  • If you’ve selected a pre-recorded video option…

As the video file will be too big to share via email, please use one of the cloud-based services (WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) to upload it and send us a generated link so that we can download it. Please name your file using your full name so that we have no problems cataloging them.

  • If you’ve selected a text-based option…

Send us your paper as a .doc or .docx file via email. If you’re using images, send them separately as .jpg files (but be sure to mention in the presentation where you want the images to go).

Can you give me the timeline?

Here we go:

  1. CFP Opens: Monday, July 20
  2. CFP Closes: Thursday, August 20 Monday, August 24
  3. Notifications of Acceptance: Sunday, August 30
  4. Registration for Presenters Opens: Friday, August 28
  5. Registration for Presenters Closes: Monday, September 14
  6. Program Announcement: Wednesday, September 16
  7. Delivery of Presentations: Friday, September 18
  8. Presentations Available on the Website: added gradually starting from Monday, September 21
  9. Keynote Lectures Available on the Website: Wednesday, September 23
  10. Conference with Q&A sessions: Thursday-Friday, 24-25 September

When do I have to be online?

As you can see from the timeline, all presentations can be accessed and read/viewed during the conference week. This gives you time to prepare your questions and comments for the Q&A discussions that will be happening on the 24th and 25th of September.

Every presenter will be given a specific time slot during the conference days when they need to be present on the Discord chat server (text-based chat channels) to discuss their presentation with other participants. Apart from that slot, we strongly recommend that you join discussions of other presentations, engage in networking, and socialize with other attendees on Discord.

We will send you invitation link to the server after registration. At the moment, it’s almost completely empty, waiting for the conference to happen! This is how it looks (no dedicates slots as we don’t have the program yet):

Networking Channel on the dedicated Conference server set up by Anna Oleszczuk. The message says: Welcome to networking. Other channels visible on the left hand side are: general chatter, announcements, and help.
Networking Channel on the dedicated Conference server set up by Anna Oleszczuk.

If you want to know more about Discord, click here. You can use it without downloading (the only thing you need is email address) on any operating system or as a phone/tablet app. The sessions are text-based so no camera or headphones are necessary.

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