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Presentations listed below have their Q&A sessions scheduled for Friday. In order to participate in these sessions, you can register for free here. In the Program of the Conference you can find hours and time zones for all the sessions.

P18: Svenja Spyra
Fem(me)bodiment. (Queer) femme-ininity in German queer and feminist contexts since the 1920th
P19: Sakshi Tyagi
Ogbanje and the Multiple Selves in Akwaeke Emezi’s Freshwater
P20: Emilia Nodżak
Women Working in (Non)Traditional Occupations – the (in)Visible Bodies and Gender Performance
P21: Oliver Hancock
Fanny and Blood and Guts in High School: Postmodernist Fictions of Girlhood
P22: Jędrzej Olejniczak
and Patrycja Karpińska

The emancipated and the submissive: A research project on the representations of men and women in translated erotic literature
P23: Md Abu Shahid Abdullah
PANEL: Rewriting the Past and Voicing the Marginalised (45 minutes)
Keynote LectureEdyta Frelik – Overexposed, Underexposed: Georgia O’Keeffe’s Strategies Against Seeing Less Than Half the Picture
P24: Anna Bendrat“I don’t think you should be in this hallucination”: The thresholds of revelation in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America
P25: Stephen C. Kenyon-Owen
When we disappear – (re)telling stories of loss
P26: Paulina SzymonekWolves in the City of Domesticated Women: The Queer Wild of Olivia Rosenthal
P27: Renata NteliaHow Damsels Love: The Transgressive Pleasure of Romance
P28: Anna Oleszczuk
and Agata Waszkiewicz
Queering Virtual Bodies: Customization in Western Video Games
P29: Sarah MertonShame, Blame and Weighing Scales: Fighting for Fat Female Visibility on Instagram
P30: Bobbi Ali Zaman
and Ben Anderson-Nathe
Queering Developmental Discourses: Countering the Social Construction of Childhood and its Implications in Media
P31: Bryce StoutEveryone is Here? An ethnographic exploration of competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
P32: Steven Dashiell
Deconstructing Masculine Discourse Discussing Male Military Sexual Trauma
P33: Joseph Hurtgen The Invisible Man is Never Invisible: The Hegemonic Subjugation of Invisible Bodies

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