P30 – Bobbi Ali Zaman & Ben Anderson-Nathe

Bobbi Ali Zaman is a doctoral student at Portland State University in the School of Social Work. Their focus is in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Childhood Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Their research is centered in postdevelopmental studies and queer scholarship in ECE and childhood studies as a way to understand practices and philosophies in ECE. It is also centered in the social construction of the child in relation to state power, heteronormativity, white supremacy, and neoliberalism.

Ben Anderson-Nathe is Professor of Child, Youth, & Family Studies at Portland State University. He holds masters degrees in social work (2002) and public policy (2002), a graduate certificate in disability policy and services (2003), and a PhD in community education and youth studies (2005) from the University of Minnesota. Ben began his career with young people in the mid-1990s, working in short-term and crisis residential care. He has also worked with youth in therapeutic foster and group care, community mental health, juvenile corrections, homeless and street settings, community education, sexuality education and sexual health, and recreation/camping. His teaching and scholarship draws from this practice experience and focuses primarily on youth work and professional development of youth workers, critical and post-structural analysis, and gender/sexuality. Ben also provides training, consultation, and program reviews for youth serving organizations and educational institutions.

Queering Developmental Discourses: Countering the Social Construction of Childhood and its Implications in Media

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