All pre-recorded sessions and papers are now available on the website. They can be accessed by everyone irrespective of their time zone. Scheduled Q&A sessions will happen live on a dedicated Discord server. Links to the server will be sent to everyone registered. No installation is required.

Books of Abstracts are available here for Thursday and Friday. When the presentations are online, links to them will be added there.

For your convenience, each presentation has been assigned three general categories (out of 16 possible). They are color-coded! We have also created unique hashtags for the presentations. Please use them to help presenters find your comments on their work.

When tweeting about the Conference, please use the #acnec2020 hashtag or our handle @AtCConference!

You can download a PDF version of the program with categories here.

All people interested in participating in the Conference are kindly asked to register. During the Conference week we will send you a link to Discord server using information provided in the form.

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