Text-Based Presentations

Journal-Style Paper

One of the ways you can prepare a presentation for this conference is by writing a short paper (1200 to 1400 words). While the paper can be a journal-type wall of text (please don’t forget to add bibliography!), some scholars find it easier to present their research with the addition of slides, figures, and pictures. If you feel that such a hybrid form suits you better, follow the guidelines below!

Hybrid-Style Presentation

You can (but don’t have to!) present your title on the slide. These suggestions are designed to make your lives easier and possibly serve as an inspiration during the presentation-preparation process. If you have any questions, contact us!

This section shows you how your hybrid presentation might look like. The slide above offers a tip for creating inclusive presentations. As always, your slides can include graphics that belong to you. For example, I took this pretty picture of cappuccino that was the best cappuccino I have ever drunk!

If the content that you want to add doesn’t belong to you, you need to think about its purpose. If you’re adding it for educational purposes (research, teaching, criticism, etc.), it’s considered fair use. We also recommend asking permission from content creators (though we understand it’s not always possible). Remember that the website is within the public domain so everyone will be able to access your presentations!

Of course figures, charts, and other graphic forms of data presentation are ok!

While this is not a standard conference presentation, this does not mean you can’t add slides that you’d normally use to engage your audience. You can use your usual method or experiment. Prepare the paper and slides in a way that makes you most comfortable!

If you don’t know how to save your PowerPoint presentation as images, follow these few simple steps: click File and select Save As. In the drop-down menu you will find various options. The one that’s the best for us in terms of website editing is JPEG File Interchange Format (.jpg). Enter name of your presentation and select a folder. After you click Save, you will be asked if you want to export all slides or just the current one. If you’re exporting the entire presentation, select All Slides to save all the slides as separate images.

Please send us your paper and your images separately (can be in the same email but not just in the text). This will ensure the best quality of pictures. Remember to add image markers in the text as shown below!

We hope that the presented guidelines will make your lives easier. We can’t wait to see all your amazing presentations!

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