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Presentations listed below have their Q&A sessions scheduled for Thursday. In order to participate in these sessions, you can register for free here. In the Program of the Conference you can find hours and time zones for all the sessions.

P01: Li Yawen
On the Reimagining of Displaced Subjectivities for Refugee Writers in The Displaced (2018)
P02: SVD Chandrasekhar
The Subaltern Can Speak. Will the Cistem Hear?
P03: Anindita Shome
Climate Change and the Precariousness of Lives and Livelihoods in the Sundarbans: A Reading of Amitav Ghosh’s “The Hungry Tide”
P04: Brendan Loon
This Subject Which Is Not One: The Analytic of Irigarayan Alterity as Approach to Post-Colonial Subjectivity in Nuraliah Norasid’s The Gatekeeper
P05: Sonali Sharma
Outside the Fold: Voices of Mahaar Women
P06: Antonio García Gómez
The devaluation of femininity: Enacting masculine and feminine practices in dating sites
Keynote LectureBonnie “Bo” Ruberg – The Queer Games Avant-Garde
P07: Antonio García Gómez Blogging about my love life: Female gendered roles, femininities and verbal aggressiveness
P08: Iris Pintiuta
Experimental Trans* Narratives in Contemporary Artists’ Films
P09: Michał Choiński Cutting the Umbilical Cord with the American South – Lillian Smith’s Killers of the Dream
P10: Lidia Kniaź-Hunek Janelle Monáe as the “Q.U.E.E.N.” of the Afrocyberpunk Q.U.E.E.R. Community
P11: Svitlana Lyubymova Media Representation of Latin American Stereotype
P12: Jennifer Neidhardt The Three Lives of Tiresias: Revisiting ‘Transgender’ Myths and Their Reception
P13: Margaret Steenbakker Playing gender or being played by gender? The representation of maleness and femaleness in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation
P14: Ross Cameron ‘For I am always classed with the buckherd’: Constructing Gendered Identities in Edith Durham’s Travel Writing, 1903-1909
P15: Alexa Dicken
The Invisibility of Disability in The Hunger Games
P16: Jacqueline Toland Gender, Mothering, and Violence in Octavia E. Butler’s “Speech Sounds” and Judith Merril’s “That Only a Mother”
P17: Paulomi Sharma “Depressed Sufferings”: Dalit women’s life-writings as testimonio.

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